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Global Trademark Registration
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Global Trademark Registration


. Introduction of China Trademark Registration

Trademark is defined as any sign, or any combination of signs, which can be used to distinguish the goods or services of one company from those of other companies.

Trademarks may be one or a combination of words, letters, and numbers. They may consist of drawings, symbols, three-dimensional signs such as the shape and packaging of goods, audible signs such as music or vocal sounds, fragrances, or colors used as distinguishing features. In addition, all of the goods and services are divided into 45 categories.



. The Advantages of Registering Trademark
Trademarks can protect your goods, services, company name, product names, Domain names, logos and slogans. Owners of registered trademarks have the ability to prevent others (i.e., their competitors and other third parties) from using their registered trademark without permission. Your registered trademark can also successfully prevent others from:

(A)- acquiring trademark rights in your trademark

(B)- claiming that you are infringing their trademark rights.



. Documents Required
1. The applicant's full name, address and nationality in both English and Chinese (translation);namely, the copy of business license.
2. Classification and designation of goods (International Classification) ;
3. The clear sample drawing of trademark
4. Power of Attorney duly signed or sealed by the applicant. No legalization or notarization is needed;
5.Service charge; The relevant application documents must be submitted to Intellectual Property Department



. Application Process

China Trademark Design→ China Trademark Search→ China Trademark Application →Acceptance of China Trademark Application →China Trademark Examination →China Trademark Publication →China Trademark Registration
China Trademark Research
Before filing your application, please find out whether or not that the trademark you want to register is already being used for the product or service of this type.
We can search the China Trademark with our own resources for you, which is free; also, there is another way to search trademark with related authorities, which will takes some time and costs some money. The search result will minimize the risk of the whole application and registration process. Therefore, the search service with authorities is strongly recommended.

2Submit Application of China Trademark
An application must include the following documents before the China
Trademark Office will accept it.
Authorization letter of registration;
Qualification certificate of applicant;
A clear drawing of the trademark;
A listing of the goods or services;
The filing fee for at least one class of goods or services.

3Notice of Acceptance
When The China Trademark Office receives your application data of trademark registration, they will give you an application number and issue the Notice of Acceptance within 1 months.

4China Trademark Examination
After the China Trademark Office determines that you have met the minimum filing requirements, the application is forwarded to an examining attorney. This may take several months. The examining attorney reviews the application to determine whether it complies with all applicable rules and statutes and includes all required fees.
A complete examination includes a search for conflicting marks, and an examination of the written application, the drawing, and any specimen.

5China Trademark Publication
If the examining attorney raises no objections to registration, or if the applicant overcomes all objections, the examining attorney will approve the mark for publication in the Official Gazette, which is three months publication of the China Trademark Office.

6China Trademark Registration
If no party files an opposition or requests to extend the time to oppose, the China Trademark Office will normally register the mark and issue a registration certificate. The date of filing the application will be the registration date.



. The Service Time and Fee

1. The time of china trademark registration is according to the schedule of government. If the process of registered application is smooth, the total time is about 24 months.

2. The inquires cost of each trademark and category is as follows, checking the Chinese name is 100 RMB, the English is 100 RMB, and the graphics is 300 RMB. The cost of applying registration is 1800 RMB.



. Other Trademark Service

·   Trademark licensing, renewal, assignment and alterations

·   Trademark opposition, review, cancellation and disputes

·   Trademark infringement (investigation, proof collecting, litigation, etc.)

·   Customs record of trademark

·   Trademark watch

·   Trademark counseling

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