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I. Definition

Commercial Secretarial Service Package is tailor-made especially for those who have businesses in Hong Kong, but lack of human and office resources. This service package provides registered and business addresses, statutory secretary, special secretary handling indoor business documents, private telephone line, telephone answer and transfer, information (letter or email ) processing,

Hong Kong C & T Secretarial Service means WEBOND provides professional commercial, trading and logistics assistance services in Hong Kong to the entrepreneurs. The subsequent business follow-up after business setup is particularly important. The smart entrepreneurs will achieve their business objectives through the business running and management. WEBOND has built up a commercial and trading secretarial service centre in Hong Kong, providing the substantive tailor-made follow-up and target management.


II.Package service:

(Hong Kong GCF Telephone Forwarding)

Hong Kong GCF Scheduled Telephone may at any time transfer to the mainland of China or other target countries, can be directly transferred from the company‘s executive or owner of the mobile phone, Operate freely. Hong Kong GCF Scheduled telephone calls can not be answer in Hong Kong; all telephone calls could be directly transferred to the second country. And the service is offered on the basis of annual package.


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