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Bank Account Opening
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HSBC Corporate Account Opening Services

HSBC Corporate Account Opening Services



Establishment of a Corporate Bank Account in HSBC Hong Kong. We could assist you to set up a corporate account with HSBC Hong Kong. We have been dealing with HSBC Hong Kong over last several years and we are one of the qualified intermediaries of HSBC Hong Kong.



Type of Account

There are several types of bank accounts from which a client could choose for his company, including Hong Kong dollar saving account, Hong Kong dollar checking account, foreign currency checking and saving account and an all-in-one account known as Business Vantage Account. In most of the cases, we would suggest our clients to go for Business Vantage Account because it is a truly multi functional account and yet easy to operate.



The Business Vantage Account is an all-in-one account which offers the following banking functions:


(1) Hong Kong dollar checking account which gives you a check book so as to enable you to settle bills originated in Hong Kong and/or denominated in Hong Kong dollar;


(2) Hong Kong dollar saving account which allows you to deposit/receive payment in Hong Kong dollar and earn an interest on the balance maintained in that account;


(3) Multi-currency saving account which allows you to deposit/receive payment in up to 12 major currencies directly and earn an interest on the balance maintained in that account;


(4) (Optional) Internet Banking which allows you to operate the bank account from any place where you have access to Internet;


(5) (Optional) A ATM card which enable us to withdraw cash from the account in Hong Kong and from HSBC branches in other countries;


(6) (Optional) Phone Banking which allows you to perform basic banking transactions.





For the purpose of due diligence in relation to the establishment of a corporate bank account, the bank requires the following documents from its clients :


(1)  A set of certified true copy of the full set of corporate documents certified by CPA. We will do this for you if you will engage us for the bank account opening;


(2) The business activities proof of your proposed company such as invoices, quotations issued by the suppliers of the subject company, contracts entered into in the name of the subject company or a simple business plan. We will guide you how to write the business plan if you will engage us for the bank account opening.


(3) A minimum initial deposit of HK D5, 000 for its Business Vantage Account.


(4) At least one director or one shareholder present physically in their branch to answer them questions in relation to the business of the company for the purpose of ?/SPAN>know your client?/SPAN> due diligence responsibility.


(5) The original Certificate of Incumbency or Agent’s Certificate (applicable to offshore company)


Note: HSBC Hong Kong reserves all rights to request further information and documents.



Corporate Bank Account Opening Procedures


Client can visit Hong Kong

(1) Immediately after we complete the registration of the company, client arrange to visit Hong Kong


(2) At the meantime, we prepare the documents as required by the Bank for the purpose of setting up the account


(3) When the client arrives Hong Kong, our staff will bring the client to HSBC and present the bank accounting opening documents to the Bank


(4) The Bank performs its due diligence with the client and process the application


(5) The Bank issues bank account number, release the ATM card, Internet banking security device to the client on spot.


(6) The bank post the check book to us in around one week and we forward it to the client (if the client did provide his own mailing address to the bank, the Bank will post the check books and bank statements to that mailing address)



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