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Bank Of China Openging

Bank Of China Openging



Diversified RMB Products and Services

The pursuit of excellence is the foundation for all the service offerings. Today the market is changing at an ever increasing pace, as is cross-border RMB trade settlement. To assist you in capitalizing on this opportunity, Bank of China (Hong Kong) has taken the lead in offering a suite of RMB banking services, including:

the first transaction in cross-border RMB trade settlement and finance in Hong Kong,

the first RMB working capital loan (inclusive of syndicated loan in dual currency),

the first Hong Kong RMB Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the Mainland and vice versa, The first non-cargo cross-border RMB trade settlement and share dividends transactions from the Mainland to Hong Kong.

The tailor-made integrated Corporate RMB services help you link up the network between Hong Kong, the Mainland and overseas..



RMB Savings Account and Cheque

With a well established network consisting of more than 270 branches in Hong Kong, BOC aim to provide you with a convenient and efficient account opening procedure. All you need to do is to fill up an “Integrated Account Opening Form” (including the RMB, HKD and other currencies savings accounts and internet banking) to process RMB business at ease.



RMB Deposits

You can always choose to put your RMB deposits into savings or current accounts, or select from a wide range of structured deposit products to achieve effective and flexible management of your RMB funds. You can also invest your RMB deposits into RMB bonds, or set them as collaterals for any standby facility.



RMB Trade Settlement and Finance

You can rely on the experienced and professional trade service teams to provide you with tailor-made RMB trade settlements and financing services (including L/C issuance, packing loan, import invoice financing, export invoice discounting, forfeiting and factoring etc.).

In order to suit your business needs, your existing HKD and USD trade facilities can be used in their RMB-equivalent amount as well.



RMB Exchange

With the extensive branch network and team of experienced experts, you can apply for RMB Trade Conversion Service and Non-trade Conversion Services, including advance conversion services for payments, for better cash flow optimization and effective hedging of exchange rate risks.



RMB Remittance

You can use RMB funds to settle trades of goods, services and other current account transactions. Through the extensive worldwide network of RMB remittance agency banks and the clearing system in the Mainland, BOC offer express remittance service.




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