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Shenzhen Development Bank Opening

Shenzhen Development Bank Opening



Deposit products:

  Current Deposit
  Notice Deposit
  Time Deposit
  Agreement Deposit
  The bank fully considers for our customers and provides a wide range of tailor-made deposit products with a preferential rate.



Crediting products:

  The bank is dedicated to providing offshore customers with flexible and comprehensive crediting services and fully meeting their financing needs in investment and operation. The bank provides credit services as follows:
  Comprehensive credit line (credit/security/mortgage, pledge/onshore self-owned assets as collateral)
  Working Capital Loan
  Medium & Long-term Loan
  International Syndicated Loan
  Trade Financing (including L/C opening, negotiation, bill discount, forfeiting, etc.)
  Offshore foreign exchange deposit as collateral for onshore financing
  Onshore Standby L/C as collateral for offshore financing



Fee-based business:

  Agent Foreign Exchange Dealing/Foreign Exchange Investment
  Offshore Settlement: the bank has hundreds of agencies around the world and fully opens SWIFT system to provide a full range of international settlement varieties, facilitating our customers to achieve trade settlement in and capital allocation from mainland China and other regions around the world, and giving full play of the geographic advantage of Chinese local banks for faster handling of various transactions between offshore customers and mainland China.
  Financial Consultancy Services



Contact Us for More Details:
Tel1: (86.20); 38888181  Tel2: (86.20) 38888980; (You can inquire in English)


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Address: Room 3305, RenFeng Building, No.490, TianHe Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China

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