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Trademarke and Patent Registration
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Korea Trademark Registration

South Korea Trademark Registration

I. Documents Required
1. A detail list of products or services to be covered in the application;
2. Passport/identity card copy or a copy of Certificate of Incorporation or Business Registration Certificate or anything of similar nature which shows the name and address of the applicant;
3. Date of first use in South Korea or anywhere else;
4. A priority document when priority is claimed. The document can be filed within 3 months after the filing date of the application.

II. Registration Procedures:
Step 1: Clients send to Webond (by email or fax or post) a specimen of the trademark, a detail list of products to be covered by the trademark and at the same time make payment for the pre-filing search to Webond by remittance or check;
Step 2: Webond conducts the pre-filing search and prepare search report and email the search reports to clients;
Step 3: (If the search results indicate that the application is likely to be accepted and clients decide to proceed) Clients send to us the photocopy of identity proof (passport copy for individual and Certificate of Incorporation or Business Registration License) and at the same time make payment for the pre-filing search to Webond by remittance or check;
Step 4: Webond prepares the registration application forms and Power of Attorney (PoA) and deliver them to clients for execution;
Step 5: Clients send the duly executed PoA and registration forms back to us;
Step 6: Webond submit the application documents to the Korea Intellectual Property Office (KIPO);
Step 7: The KIPO perform examination and other procedures; if no objection received, the KIPO then issues the Certificate of Registration;
Step 8: Webond forwards the Certificate of Registration to clients.

III. Contact Information of Webond
Tel1: (86.20) 38888181  Tel2: (86.20) 38888980; (You can inquire in English)


QQ: 2850700767              Website:

Address: Room 3305, RenFeng Building, No.490, TianHe Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China


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