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Application Outsourcing


Application Outsourcing is known as the deployment, management and up-gradation of packaged or customized software that is contracted out to a third party or a vendor.

The process of Outsourcing Application lends high sustenance to cost effective software consulting, developmental and maintenance related practices.

With the adoption of Application Outsourcing, organization attain an added option of nurturing the internal skills, make cost effective budgets for the purpose of proper application and implementation, focusing on the core business department and ultimately reduce the cost of technological ownerships.

Generally aspects ranging from application development, application maintenance, application development, application migration, software product engineering, quality assurance, and testing and technology optimization, e-learning are covered through the process of application outsourcing.

An Application Outsourcing vendor manages and delivers application and their corresponding capabilities to multiple sources from the data centre across the network.

Delivering packaged software product and grouping the related services in IT department are the major aspects an Application Outsourcing third party vendor aims at.

An Application Outsourced vendor provides an alternative to procure and implement complex systems. It helps an organization to concentrate on ownerships and schedule the payment schemes and helps users to avoid risks of making high budget technology planning and implementation errors.

According to a survey, 46% companies outsource the majority of their application related development work processes to India.

Application Outsourcing had raised its level to an unbelievable height after the technology boom of the 1990s, coupled with the redefining work that companies worldwide engaged after the Y2K computer problem which sparked India's rise as an IT powerhouse, especially. Recent developments suggests that other countries are muscling in on the action, notably in China, Eastern Europe, Brazil, Canada, and Mexico, offering outsourcing organizations more options.

Application Outsourcing maintenance to a trust worthy vendor allows organizations to focus on core development and better and new found technologies where else on the other hand mission-critical business systems continue to operate without any kind of interruption.

Maintenance work has been seen to prevent the development team from focusing on high value-added activities such as analysis, design, and implementation of new systems.

Herein an Application Outsource vendor becomes an integral part of an outsourcing organization by providing the maintenance and management of new or existing applications.

Moreover in addition to providing helpdesk and functional support, the Business Analysts and Subject Matter Experts of the vendors work with end users to find the vital improvements necessary for an organization, thus profiting them in the best possible way.

The aim of application integration as integrated by an Application Outsource vendor stands to provide support to complex corporate business processes basically by integrating the existing applications instead of replacing them.

Integration tasks are performed essentially in an independent system the integration middleware, instead being scattered in the individual applications (interface modules).

This approach of the vendors simplifies relationship types between applications from many-to-many to one-to-many relationships. This may also provide a solution for administration and monitoring options essential to the real-time integration.




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