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Conversion of HK Corporation

Conversion of Hong Kong Corporation


I. Definition

Corporation conversion in HK refers to the information adjustment made after incorporation in line with the need of market and personnel. Webond boast of rich experiences as long as over 10 ten years in such service aspects. We offer corporate changes of name, registration fund, address, and legal secretary e.t.c..



II. Documents required for change of shareholders

1. To fill an attorney of power

2. New shareholder’s identification copy (ID card or Passport)

3. Proportion indication of each holder’s fund

4. Corporation articles



III.Documents required for change of corporate name

1. To fill an attorney of power

2. An original of Business license

3. A copy of certificate of incorporation

4. Articles of incorporation



IV. Documents required for change of corporate registration fund

1. To fill an attorney of power

2. The relevant document copies that are related to shareholders or directors

3. Articles of incorporation



V. Working Date:

It will take 7-10 working days to make all-inclusive related corporate changes in HK.



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